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Seven O'Clock Tales (English Edition) 从一本华丽且不可重复的大师笔下载书籍,这是世界上最受欢迎的书之一: Enid Blyton ,作者具有不可思议的才能,可以在大脑的幻想世界中写出极好的思考和转发时间。 这本书有很多粉丝和粉丝,这本书已经大量发行,很容易在网上或平板电脑上阅读,在我们的网站上你可以免费阅读。 Twenty-eight magical short stories to enjoy round the clock from one of the world's best-loved children's authors, Enid Blyton. Follow Edward the very brave pink teddy bear as he rescues his owner, Elsie, from a dark wood. Meet a naughty toy clown who gets a nasty fright when he cooks some sweets. And feels sorry for poor Binny and Tucker as they get scrubbed in Dame Sooky's magic wash-tub. Ideal for bedtime, reading aloud or alone, these magical short stories for 5-8 year-olds will enchant a new generation of children. Look out for more O'Clock tales: Five O'Clock Tales, Six O'Clock Tales, Seven O'Clock Tales and Eight O'Clock Tales. Enid Blyton has been delighting readers for more than seventy years with her endless summers of fun, adventure and magic. Enid's best-loved characters include Noddy the wooden boy, Timmy the dog from The Famous Five and the mischievous twins Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan from the much-loved boarding school series St Clare's!First published in 1943, this edition contains the original text, illustrations and the following stories: The Enchanted Shoe-Lace, That Little Red Imp, The Little Fat Dormouse, The Greedy Black Golliwog, Timothy Toad, Brer Rabbit Gets in a Fix, The Polite Little Boy, The Skippetty Shoes, Jerry's Lost Temper, Mr. Tickles' Green Pen, Good Old Tinker-Dog!, Janet and Her Friends, Inside the Dolls' House, The Cross Little Girl, The Stupid Donkey, Clever Old Jumbo, A Surprise For Mr. Widdle, A Basket of Brownies, The Very Fine Tail, Mister Stupid and Too-Smart, The Little Boy Who Cried, The Pink Teddy-Bear, When the Stars Fell Down, Poor Mister Greedy!, The Great Big Dog, Get On, Little Donkey!, The Magic Wash-Tub, The Lonely Rabbit, The Little Bag of Salt, Poor Sally Simple!. Seven O'Clock Tales (English Edition) 还有什么可以添加到这本精彩的书,可以在我们的网站上免费阅读。 这可能是我们的团队,编辑团队“ 在線書籍™ “这部杰作非常值得推荐阅读,你不会后悔花在这本书上的时间,因为很可能会在几天晚上或一天内阅读。这本精彩文学和有趣书籍的门户网站 8 故事情节的要点和对文学发展的贡献,在我们的网站上在线阅读或免费下载。


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