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Criminal That I Am: A Memoir 从一本华丽且不可重复的大师笔下载书籍,这是世界上最受欢迎的书之一: Jennifer Ridha ,作者具有不可思议的才能,可以在大脑的幻想世界中写出极好的思考和转发时间。 这本书有很多粉丝和粉丝,这本书已经大量发行,很容易在网上或平板电脑上阅读,在我们的网站上你可以免费阅读。 “A gripping read, as fascinating as it is shocking” (New York Journal of Books) by a young lawyer who becomes romantically entangled with convicted drug felon Cameron Douglas—a page-turning journey through professional self-destruction and tabloid scandal to redemption. Criminal That I Am is a defense attorney’s account of the criminal justice system as seen through the prism of a particular case: her own. Jennifer Ridha was enlisted to serve as counsel to Cameron Douglas, the troubled but earnest son of film actor Michael Douglas, in a federal drug trafficking case. As media scrutiny and the pressures of Cameron’s case mount and as Jennifer becomes increasingly transfixed by her charismatic but troubled client, he asks her to do the unthinkable: commit a crime. In a decision inexplicable even to herself, guided only by her indignation and infatuation, she agrees. When her transgression is discovered, her criminal case begins, and her life as she knows it is over. Criminal That I Am, “an unflinching account. . . a juicy narrative that serves as a vehicle for reflecting on criminal behavior and the human inclination to transgress. ” (Publishers Weekly), details Jennifer’s redemptive journey, beginning with her decision to commit a crime on behalf of a man she loved to the calamitous yet ultimately transformative consequences that came after. Recounted with brutal introspection and self-deprecating humor, this strange and twisted love story contemplates what we make of crime and punishment. . . and what it makes of us. Criminal That I Am: A Memoir 还有什么可以添加到这本精彩的书,可以在我们的网站上免费阅读。 这可能是我们的团队,编辑团队“ 在線書籍™ “这部杰作非常值得推荐阅读,你不会后悔花在这本书上的时间,因为很可能会在几天晚上或一天内阅读。这本精彩文学和有趣书籍的门户网站 10 故事情节的要点和对文学发展的贡献,在我们的网站上在线阅读或免费下载。


  • 标题: Criminal That I Am: A Memoir
  • 出版者:Scribner; Reprint
  • 覆盖: (英语)
  • >舌: 英语
  • 价钱: ¥75.60 (现在免费) 下载电子书
  • ISBN-10: 1476785732
  • ISBN-13: 9781476785738
  • 网页:272页
  • 外形尺寸:
  • 重量:
  • 评分:8.
  • 该系列:
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